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Meaningful Giving with Sacred Treasures

Give Meaningful gifts

Send a meaningful gift to someone special this Christmas.

When we offer a gift from the heart a pure joy naturally arises. This is the beginning of a beautiful circle of interchange and connection with others. By extending an offering like this, we can create a natural flow of giving and receiving.

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A time of year to celebrate giving and receiving.

At this time of year we may start getting excited about giving and receiving gifts. We can get caught up in the anticipation of a surprise or take pleasure in seeing the faces of our loved ones light up with joy.

Whatever spiritual view or religion we may follow, we all wish for happiness and meaning in our lives. We observe special days such as Christmas, Losar and Lhabab Duchen to gather together with the people we care for, and make connections by exchanging gifts, love and gratitude or sharing a meal together.

What better way to mark the end this year than giving a gift that creates positive imprints and social change?

Do you remember the gifts you gave and received last year? Did their meaning have an impact? This year you have the opportunity to offer a gift to your friends and loved ones that creates positive change to Himalayan people in need who are living in remote locations.

Khachodling Gift Cards

Choose a Physical or Digital Gift Card
You’ll receive a beautiful card to share with someone special. Select your preference for a physical card to be posted to your address or a digital card to be emailed to you. These meaningful gifts and digital cards are perfect for last-minute gift solutions. We can also send your card directly to its recipient.
About Khachodling
The Khachodling Himalayan Culture and Education and Culture Fund is a registered charity founded by Khandro Thrinlay Chodon to enable humanitarian aid and sustainable projects in the Himalayas.
The team of Khachodling have been working together quietly, diligently and consistently for over 10 years, raising funds to assist families facing financial hardship in Himalayan regions, by offering education scholarships for children, offering healthcare services, delivering winter supplies to remote Himalayan hermitages and rebuilding funds to communities suffering the direct effects of climate change. Visit to find out more.

Tax Deductible
All donations over $2 are tax deductible. Khachodling Limited is a registered Charity with PBI status – ABN 99785518295.

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