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Uncommon Journeys: Ayurvedic Retreat, 14-27 February 2020 | 阿育吠陀療養閉關 2020年2月14日至27日

Rejuvenate with 10 days authentic Ayurvedic healing in Kerala, South India. Enjoy the warmth and care of very authentic 5000 year old ayurvedic practices in a beautiful setting on the Kerala backwaters.

Retreat includes diagnosis by experienced and qualified doctors as well as a full treatment package that includes food, medicine, yoga and meditation. This is a special inward journey to heal and recuperate any tiredness, illness or stagnation. Khandro Rinpoche will be available for morning meditation practice. 

14 - 27 February 2020
13 days ex Kochi

For information and registration on any Inward Journey with Khandro Rinpoche 
Jane Miknius: / +61 402 368172







(英文) Jane Miknius:  / +61 402 368172

(中文) Jan Chow: / +852 3175 3860


Ayurvedic Retreat


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