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promote authentic, quality Himalayan products

Our team has both, been born in the high Himalayas, or journeyed there due to an inner search. Now, we have travelled the globe, including to some of its most remote parts. We have met remarkable people, including artisans whom are still creating, using techniques taught for many generations. Our interest is to offer these amazing goods to you while at the same time, help preserve an ancient Himalayan culture and community.


bring the sacred into the everyday

Perspective changes everything. In India, you see alters by the side of the road or in a tree. In Tibet they carve mantras of compassion into rock so we all may be reminded to live kindly. Our lives become increasingly mindful when we surround ourselves with things that point us beyond our limited everyday vision.  We are here to assist you in this journey and bring these Sacred Treasures into your daily life.


leave positive imprints

when you connect to Sacred Treasures you are leaving a positive imprint on yourself and the earth. It may be that you have helped a Himalayan craftsperson, you may have brought more awareness into your own life, or you may have been reminded to be kind to a stranger. Just in buying a product you will be supporting the preservation of an ancient Himalayan yogic meditation lineage and the preservation of the authentic Himalayan culture, which is rapidly declining in this modern age.



Our inspiration and guide is Khandro Thrinlay Chodon – a modern Himalayan woman of wisdom and insight, an authentic meditation master, a living example of compassion in action.


Khandro Thrinlay Chodon 



Behind Sacred Treasures is a family that helped bring it to life. We are a team of devoted people, some Himalayan, and others who through their own inner journey have become supporters of Himalayan sacred and cultural traditions because what it has taught us.