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  • Uncommon Journey, Ayurvedic retreat

    Aug 22 2019

    The total experience of surrendering yourself and melting into the depth, care and holding that these Ayurvedic doctors offer, is an expe...

  • The making of Emi Incense

    Oct 03 2017

    Unique, hand made in strict accord with the ancient tradition of Kunkhyen Mipham. Contains over 250 Himalayan medicinal herbs. It invoke...

  • Agarwood

    Jul 24 2017

    Agarwood is amazing! At a glance, the Agar tree is an ordinary plant growing deep within the tropical forests of Asia. But something spec...

  • Soy Wax Candle

    Jul 24 2017

    Sacred Treasures candles are made from the highest quality soy wax - 100% natural, renewable, non-toxic and biodegradable. Discovered in ...

  • Japanesse Smokeless Incense

    Jul 24 2017

    Traditionally Japanese incense is made from a range of natural wood barks, resins and spices. These ingredients are blended with inert wo...

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