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Uncommon Journeys: Bhutan, proposed October 2020 | 非凡之旅:不丹,暫定 2020年10月

Khandro Rinpoche has a special connection with this Dragon Kingdom and you cannot have a deeper guide. You will visit all the important holy sites, meet the people and experience fully the authentic local culture and history of Bhutan.

Paro, Thimphu, Phobjikha and Haa Valley.

proposed October 2020
10 days ex Paro

For information and registration on any Inward Journey with Khandro Rinpoche contact:
Jane Miknius: / +61 402 368172

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非凡之旅:不丹,暫定 2020年10月


暫定 2020年10月
共 10天 從帕羅出發  

(英文) Jane Miknius:  / +61 402 368172

(中文) Jan Chow: / +852 3175 3860