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Various Colourful Resin Statues



The beautifully hand painted resin statues are lightweight and bring depth and joy to your shrine/alter or home.

Buddha - Prior to being known as Buddha, the Awakened One was a Prince known as Siddharth. Surrounded by all the sensory pleasures that he could desire he still had a dissatisfaction within him. His questioning led him on a journey to discover a deep truth.  

12cm (h) x 7cm (w) x 4cm (d)

Green Tara Tara is the feminine aspect of the Buddha of Compassion and represents the quality of action that arises from compassion. She is born from the tear of Chenrezig, the Compassion Buddha and as such she is also known as the Swift Saviouress, who will assist us to overcome our obstacles, protect and guide us to full awakening! 

12.5 cm (h) x 7cm (w) x 6 cm (d)

Manjushri - Manjushri is known as the Bodhisattva of Wisdom or the Lord of Speech. His left hand wields a sword that cuts through and destroys the darkness of ignorance. In his right hand, by his heart, Manjushri holds the stem of a lotus flower, upon which rests a sacred book, the Perfection of Wisdom. His purpose is to lead practitioners into the enquiry into the self.  

11.5 cm (h) x 10cm (w) x 4cm (d)

Chenrezig - Chenrezig (Avalokiteshvara in Sanskrit) is the embodiment of the compassion of all the Buddhas. Every person who sincerely acts for the benefit of another person, animal or part of the natural world without concern for fame, profit, social position or recognition expresses the activity of Chenrezig. Most deeply, compassion is for the abolition of ignorance, which is the root of suffering. One face and four arms, he sits in meditation posture. His two front hands are folded at his heart and his other hands each hold a mala and lotus flower.  

11.5 cm (h) x 10cm (w) x 4cm (d)

Guru Rinpoche - Guru Rinpoche, also known as Guru Padmasambhava, brought the Vajrayana teachings to Tibet. With powers of taming obstructing spirits and bounding them as protectors. He sits with in a piercing gaze; his face is wrathful and smiling, blazing magnificently with mysterious power. He cradles a Khatvanga in his left arm, representing his consort. In his right hand he holds a vajra to symbol of the union of the two truths. His left-hand rests in his lap in the gesture of meditation and holds a skull cup containing the vase of immortality.  

12.5cm (h) x 8cm (w) x 6cm (d)

Amitabha Buddha - Amitabha Buddha is the Buddha who looks over the pure land which is called Sukhavati, the Land of Great Bliss.

11.5cm (h) x 10cm (w) x 4cm (d)

Maitreya - The fifth Buddha to come - It is said once the teachings of the Buddha are no longer being practiced this is when Maitreya will come and reintroduce true dharma again.  

10cm (h) x 7cm (w) x 4cm (d)

Medicine Buddha - Medicine Buddha represents the embodiment of all the healing qualities of the Buddha. In his left hand he holds a begging bowl filled with medicinal fruit and nectars symbolising his power to conquer diseases and delusion. His right hand holds the myrobalan plant, renowned for its potency in curing mental and physical illness.  

12cm (h) x 10cm (w) x 4cm (d)