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A small hand held drum used in Vajrayana rituals. Sacred Treasures has two types of dharmarus each made of a different special wood.


Sengden is a high quality acacia wood used traditionally in drums. Our sengden is of excellent quality from Bhutan.

Our sengden dharmarus are approx. 5in (12.5cm) x 4.25in (10.5cm) x depth 3.25in (8cm)

Bhutanese burl wood is rarer type of wood. The burl is formed on or in a tree as a deformity yet it yields when polished, beautiful swirling patterns. The wood itself is also extremely dense and resistant to splitting. It is often chosen  for its light weight and unmissable beauty. 

Our burlwood dharmarus are approx. 5.5in (14cm) x 5in (12.5cm) x depth 3.5in (9cm).

Both types of dharmarus are made by hand with the highest quality craftsmanship. 

Each has been hand selected and blessed by Khandro Rinpoche and Khachodling's Himalayan yogis.