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Japanese Traditional Temple Incense


ST/INC/JP1 - Long - OM

Authentic Japanese Temple Incense - elegant, soft and subtle. Long and short sticks available - three different scents each.

Long: 22 cm   approx 45 sticks per paper wrapped roll. Available in three scents:

      Orchid Moon is sweet and delicate with the scent of tropical orchids. Blended with sandlewood, cinnamon and eucalyptus.

      Kyoto Cherry Blossom energises and uplifts to invoke vitality and newness. Blended with sandlewood, cinnamon, clove, aniseed and chinese spices.

      Kyoto Autumn Leaves comforts and energises in a sweet warm blend of  sandalwood.

Short: 14 cm  approx. 30 sticks per paper wrapped roll. Available in three scents:

      Lavender is soft and soothing evoking the soft, heady fragrance felt when lying in a summer field of Lavender.

      Green Tea is perfect for contemplation and quiet reflection. The Japanese take delight in their Tea Ceremony or Sado "the way of the tea" - this was originally used by meditating Buddhist monks to achieve alertness.

      Bamboo is an exceptional incense. A rare combination of sweetness and depth, it evokes a feeling of stillness and poise.