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These silk khatas, each woven with eight auspicious symbols, are commonly used in  the Vajrayana tradition of Buddhism as ceremonial offerings. They are traditionally offered to people or items with great respect and as a showing of gratitude and/or sometimes, when offered from a deeper level, represent a bond or commitment (such as when offered in a refuge ceremony).

White khatas are the most common and symbolize purity of heart, auspiciousness, prosperity and long life.

 There are also colourful khatas such as blue, white, yellow, green and red and each of these colours represent the five wisdoms and the five elements. Blue can be said to represent sky, white - the white clouds, green - the river water, red - the space of protective deities and yellow - the earth. Often the colourful khatas will only be used in certain circumstances.

The auspicious symbols woven into each beautiful silk khata also have meaning in the Vajrayana tradition of Buddhism.

 Culturally, especially in Tibet and Nepal, these silk scarves are also offered to guests as a sign of welcome or farewell.

 At all times the offering of a khata is considered to bestow respect and gratitude to the receiver and when accepted can represent an acknowledgment of an exchange between giver and receiver.

Sacred Treasures carries the standard white khata as well as a special set of all the five colours.