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Sacred Treasures Pure Perfume Oil



These pure essential oil perfumes have been created in South India in regions famous for herbs, spices and fragrances. They are all 100% plant based and free of chemicals and alcohol.

Sacred Treasures have focussed on six main perfume oils which, if treated well, can hold a shelf life of 8 years.

Oud scent holds an enchanted, earthy, yet playful odour. Rich, powerful, sweet and woody, this perfume oil is sure to get attention. Known as "liquid gold", it is purely made from Agarwood, one of the most expensive woods in the world.  It is said to provide heart healing.

Himalayan Flower has an innocence to its fragrance. Sweet, feminine and soft, this scent highlights grace and beauty and is the most popular of all our Sacred Treasures pure perfume oils.

Vetiver has a deep, grounding and earthy fragrance. A perfect scent for stabilizing the mind and gently reminding us to connect with the holding of Mother Earth. 

Moonstar is a mystifying blend with sweet notes that allure and intrigue the senses. A prefect evening scent.

Himalayan Rose brings the being back to the kindness and gentle stillness of the deep heart. This, both sweet and subtle scent, has the potential to soften the mood of each wearer. 

Mt Kailash has the rugged and distinct fragrance of the wild Himalayan ranges. Connecting us back to the strength that these mountains offer -stabilising and powerful yet vast and open.