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Prayer Flags - Windhorse Print



This quality material prayer flag contains a string of multi coloured flags (representing the 5 Buddha families), each with a windhorse (lungta) surrounded by Tibetan words and mantras that together generate merit and increase one's life force.

The windhorse is a mythical Tibetan creature that symbolises inner air, the space element and positive qualities such as 'good luck'.

These medium size lungta flags are a quality material and handprinted. They also display a tiger, snow lion, garuda and a dragon around the windhorse. These are known as the four dignatories and they symbolise the fearlessness and resiliance of the windhorse.

Hang where the wind rushes through your prayer flags to distribute the positive intentions printed on the flags.

Join your positive intentions with those on the prayer flags and they become an even more powerful way to spread goodness and harmony, generate merit and increase positive life force.

Small-9cm: 9  x 7 cm    10 flags (3.5" x 2.75")

Medium-13cm: 13 x 9 cm  15 flags

Medium-25cm: 25 x 20 cm   5 flags (10" x 8")

Large-31cm: 31 x 22 cm 10 flags