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Agarwood is amazing! At a glance, the Agar tree is an ordinary plant growing deep within the tropical forests of Asia. But something special happens if the tree is infected by fungus.The tree defends itself by creating a resin, then over an extensive period of time (up to 100 years), the resin saturates the wood, and this results in the formation of a dark heartwood with a divine fragrance. This rare wood is known as Agarwood (commonly called Aloeswood, Gaharu or Oud). 

Agarwood has been highly prized for centuries. It is mentioned throughout one of the world's oldest written texts, the Sanskrit Vedas from India. As early as the third century AD, the Eastern Wu Dynasty in Ancient China documented Agarwood. During the sixth century AD in Japan, Agarwood is in the recordings of the Nihon Shoki (The Chronicles of Japan) - the second oldest book of classical Japanese history. 

In today's modern society Agarwood continues to be prized for its natural beauty and scent. it has a distinctive fragrance and is used as incense and perfume. The fragrance of Agarwood is light, complex and pleasing, with few natural equivalents. Shakyamuni Buddha called Agarwood the 'Scent of Nirvana'. In a world of noise, chaos and disruption, Agarwood balances our mind, body and spirit.

Many believe Agarwood contains the positive life energy (Qi) of growth, expansion, new beginnings, nourishment and health. Agarwood bracelets and necklaces are especially popular in Asia as they can be carried or worn to manifest positive energy and good fortune.

Our bracelets, necklaces and malas are hand-crafted using premium Agarwood beads. We include sterling silver accessories as a modern design element. The result is a modern take on Agarwood jewellery – beautiful, unique and ideal for all occasions.

Agarwood Maintenance

Agarwood must be kept dry. If it gets wet, dry it with a cloth and place in a dry location.

Store Agarwood in a glass container and keep in a cool location when not wearing.

To maintain the distinct Agarwood fragrance, do not store in a location with strong odours. This may pollute or destroy the Agarwood fragrance.

Keep the Agarwood away from cleaning products, such as soap, washing powder, and shampoo. Agarwood’s fragrance can be lost through chemical reaction with these products.

Wearing your Agarwood is the best way to maintain its natural condition and fragrance. It is normal for the natural oils created by the human body to slowly change the colour of Agarwood.

When Agarwood is worn or carried for a long period of time, the surface will form a natural serum, which may eventually weaken the fragrance. To maintain fragrance, place the Agarwood under your pillow at night or store within a sealed glass container.