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Apricot Oil – organic, cold pressed, stone ground by hand

This oil has been prepared in accordance with the age-old traditional method. It is actually the apricot kernel, which is first crushed into a powder with a stone mortar and apricot wood pestle (thun). This powder is more finely ground into a paste on a flat stone (tal tsig) with a smaller stone in the palm of the hand.

To finally extract the oil, a slightly curved flat stone with a cup shaped groove at one end (ton tsig) is used. The stone is slightly heated by a controlled fire to be just warm enough to touch without burning and the paste is moulded as dough. The addition of water helps extract the oil, which is spooned out into a collection vessel. The same process is repeated again once the used dough has dried.

On average is takes 1kg of apricot kernel to yield 350ml of oil.

Sacred Treasures Apricot Oil can be used for healing and massage.

Sacred Treasures Apricot Oil is a sacred treasure produced by the Aryan people of Ladakh in the Indian Himalayas. They reside close to our traditional healing hermitage in Mulbeck.

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