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Himalayan socks

These are traditionally handmade of local wool by Buddhist women in the Himalayas. Their design is unmistakeable. These days, as wool wears out more easily, the women are using nylon or brylon (which looks more shiny) especially for the undersoles, as they last longer.

There are two versions – normal socks and the sock/slippers. These sock/slippers originally came from Lahoul.

Himalayan Socks

These Sacred Treasure Himalayan socks are authentically knitted by the nuns and local women of our Khachodling Himalayan hermitages: Manali and Lahoul.

There is a new design of sock, which Sacred Treasures offers: made by Muslim women who were refugees to Leh during the Kargil war. They still live very conservative lives so cannot go out to sell their products. One of our local Buddhist women assists their efforts and brings them to Sacred Treasures so that you may support them by purchasing the socks.