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Uncommon Journey, Ayurvedic retreat

The total experience of surrendering yourself and melting into the depth, care and holding that these Ayurvedic doctors offer, is an experience that will comfort you for many years to come.

Your stay starts the moment you step onto the island, a short boatride off the mainland north of Kochi, South India. Solely dedicated to the tradition of Ayurvedic healing, each doctor has many years of training within this modality and their only focus is to care for, and nurture, each of their patients. From your first consultation, where your dosha and life balances are recognised, a medical plan is created that is uniquely personal to you! The daily schedule thereafter consists of two healing treatments (major and minor), herbal medicines and a strict diet with the intention of balancing your doshas and therefore allowing you to reach optimum health. You are encouraged to relax and be with yourself to heal. Yoga, meditation, reading, writing, easy walking are available. A pool is also on-site.

Making this inward healing journey with Khandro Rinpoche, a great meditation master, means you not only get the care of these amazing doctors and their heartful staff – you receive the depth and wisdom of an authentic and pure meditation lineage holder.

The retreat is the perfect opportunity for those facing difficulty with health or the upheavals and daily stresses of life’s many changes. Combine the healing of body and mind to realign and rejuvenate your being as a whole.