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Sacred Treasures Naturally Pure Soy Candle



Each natural and pure soy candle has been hand poured using the highest grade soy wax with a wick of all natural fibres. Zero toxic burn. The candle is presented in a convenient tin container, evoking simplicity and grace. This also becomes versatile for all occasions, indoor and outdoor. Its self contained nature acts as a wind protectant and makes it worry free of mess and very portable.

Each candle burns for approximately 30 hours.

Available in 6 captivating fragrances.

Lichen & Vetiver is a unique and striking combination of floral and woody scents. Stabilising and equanimous.

Nag Champa is strong and robust scent with the depths of the earth and a hint of the heavens. Containing and absorbing. 

French Pear is a vivacious, youthful and fruity scent. Joyful, inspiring and energising.

Lily and White Rose is a sophisticated and alluring floral combination. Spaciousness and clarity.

Lotus Flower is a soft, sweet, floral scent which creates a calm and peaceful aroma. Flexible, flowing and adaptable.

Tibetan Amber has a soft floral base that merges with rich earthy undertones. Deep and reflective.