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Prayer Flags - Large - Various Print



This basic cotton material prayer flag (made in Nepal) contains a long string of multi coloured flags (representing the 5 Buddha families), each with a precious symbol of positive intent surrounded by Tibetan words and mantras.

Central images include a Windhorse, deities like Tara, Chenrezig and Guru Rinpoche, as well as ancient mantras like Kalachakra. Each symbol generates a positive energy increasing one's merit and life force. It also sends peace, harmony, and blessings to all.

Hang where the wind rushes through your prayer flags to distribute the positive intentions printed on the flags. Join your positive intentions with those on the prayer flags and they become an even more powerful way to spread goodness, generate merit and increase positive life force. The larger size of these flags makes them ideal for hanging outside your home, in the garden and in public places and mountaintops.

Large: 33 x 43 cm x 25 flags